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Why Does The Bedding Fade During Use?

Jan. 13, 2021

Why Does The Bedding Fade During Use?

The bedding has to be washed and dried. Some friends complained about the color loss of the product that they paid for? Is the quality so unreliable? Then, is there a problem with the quality of the bedding?  

First of all, we need to know that the fading of bedding is two aspects of the problem. The color fading is due to the floating color formed when the dye is not cleaned during the printing and dyeing process, especially when the water is washed for the first time, there will be color in the water. Generally speaking, cotton products will fade more or less. Fading means that after the product is cleaned and used, the original bright and eye-catching pattern becomes dark and dull, or even without color. Bedding fabric manufacturers note that the common fading problem is probably caused by the following aspects.   



More than 80% of the washed bedding fabric products are mostly caused by detergent. Soap, washing powder, etc. are alkaline detergents. Since everyone puts them in the washing machine without first dissolving them with water, uneven fading will occur locally. So it is best to use neutral detergent.   

bedding fabric

Washing temperature

Wash at room temperature (the insurance temperature is within 30 degrees). Don't use high temperature to sterilize it foolishly. High temperature can sterilize, but it will fade the bedding. There are many ways to sterilize. Don't choose this suicide washing. High temperature sterilization is only for white bed sheets in hotels.   

Washing time

Do not soak and wash for more than 30 minutes. If you can’t wash it well, you can’t blame me. If you don’t change bedding frequently, I can’t help you.   

How to wash bedding with different materials 

Cotton fabric: When washing, you should put detergent (do not use detergent containing bleach) into the water, and then put it into the cotton fabric after it is completely dissolved. Generally, the soaking time does not exceed half an hour, and the water temperature does not exceed 40°C. Light and dark fabrics are soaked and washed separately to avoid staining.

Silk fabrics and silk floss fabrics: wash in water at room temperature (silk and wool detergent is recommended; detergents containing biological enzymes cannot be used). Add a little vinegar when washing to increase the luster of the fabric; it can be dry-cleaned or hand-washed. Do not spin dry or use force when washing wring dry. We pay attention to low temperature ironing.   

Wool and cashmere fiber fabrics: wash in water at room temperature (silk detergent is recommended; detergents containing biological enzymes are not used), avoid prolonged soaking; dry clean, wash in water, and iron at medium temperature.

Chemical fiber fabric: wash at room temperature, can not be soaked in high temperature water, machine washable, water washable, velvet fabric can not iron the surface of velvet.   

Silk fabrics, bamboo fiber fabrics: wash at room temperature, do not soak in high temperature water, dry clean, wash in water, do not spin dry when machine wash. We pay attention to low temperature ironing.

Linen fabric: When washing, do not rub or knead hard to avoid fluffing, which will affect appearance and life.

Sun prolonged exposure

All textile fabrics have the ability to resist light. However, the long-term exposure to the fabric will cause different degrees of pyrolysis, which will break the macromolecules, reduce the molecular weight, reduce the strength, oxidize and discolor the fabric, become brittle, and lose use value.   


Proper sunlight in the bedroom

Nowadays, many bedrooms have bay windows, and sunlight can easily shine on the bed in the bedroom. Such families need to pay attention to it. The bedding is likely to fade due to this reason. It is recommended that the curtains be closed when the sun shines in.   

Do not wash for a long time

From a scientific point of view, the washing is changed once a week. If you are too busy, you can choose to wash once every half month. If you don't wash it for a long time, it is easy to cause the bedding to change color due to human sweat and other reasons.

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